Cobra at the Farm

It was dusk. We were returning to the farm house after a stroll. We did not bother to have lights and when we reached the varandah we saw something moving.

Torch light showed that it was a snake. Since it was near the door, I tried moving it away with a 2 foot long broken bamboo stick.

This was a big mistake.

Cobra at the farm

The cobra was not easily swept away. Soon it became angry and raised its hood. It started attacking me with hisses and lunges and I had to keep moving back and away from its reach. This lasted a few minutes and by then we realized we should leave it alone. I moved away so that it could relax and soon it curled up under my binocular.

Binocellate Cobra likes Binocular
Binocellate Cobra likes Binocular

An hour or so later, when eventually I tried to retrieve my binocular, it again started
attacking me, now even more aggressively. I eventually managed to swipe it away and it disappeared into the night.

Lesson learnt – never unnecessarily disturb any wild animal, especially a cobra. I should have just waited and let it go its way instead of trying to move it.

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