Indian Eagle Owl

Indian Eagle Owl in flight

The Indian Eagle Owl (previously called the Great Horned Owl) has always fascinated me. One of my first encounters with it was when a couple of us school kids were walking along a dry river bed in Bhopal and the bird suddenly took off startling us. It settled a few metres away and we watched … Read more

Cobra at the Farm

Cobra at the farm

It was dusk. We were returning to the farm house after a stroll. We did not bother to have lights and when we reached the varandah we saw something moving. Torch light showed that it was a snake. Since it was near the door, I tried moving it away with a 2 foot long broken … Read more

Snow Leopards in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Mountains at shamshy

In early June 2016, four of us had volunteered for some high altitude camera trap setup work in the Shamshy range of mountains in Kyrgyzstan. It was a unique, interesting and highly memorable experience. The Hut We spent around 6 days in a remote hut inside the shooting range. There was a forest ranger with … Read more

Hoolock Gibbon

We saw a group of hoolock gibbons in Hoollongapar(?) reserve forest near Kaziranga National Park in Assam. This was in March 2008. We went by foot accompanied by a forest guard with a rifle. As we walked through the dense evergreen forest we could hear the hoo-hu hoo-hu calls loud and clear. We reached a … Read more